sale (e.g. DB ticket machines within the MVV network (e.g. Please try again later. The map shows the Forschungzentrum stop on the zone 7/8 border, so would I need to select a ticket for zones 1-8, even though I'll only be going between 6 and 8 as a commute? Not as "nice" or trendy some might say but I've got a couple of colleagues who live in this area too and they like. The system doesn't calculate for you on a daily basis what would be the cheapest combo for journeys already taken, you need to do that yourself in advance. Isarcard to cover the two zones. I mistakenly thought I could just buy a single ticket for one zone, and combine it with. Was muss ich beachten? Alle Antworten gibt s hier. Travel entitlement is valid from the first day to the last day of the respective semester. If you mean Neuherberg here: s then that' s, i guess in Zone 4, check on the website: where you will find maps and stuff. Many thanks for your help! I just bought. They must always be brought along when using MVV public transport, and must be shown to ticket inspectors upon request. Agentur: Enrico Pallazzo Film- und Fernsehproduktion. When travelling before or after the time period of validity with a student ID, you must buy an additional ticket for the respective zone or an additional season ticket. IsarCardAbo - wie funktioniert das eigentlich? All students must pay a mandatory solidarity fee that costs 67,40 per semester and together with a student ID featuring the MVV logo entitles them to travel within the MVV network at the following times: Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 6 am the. If so, maybe its worth paying 12 euros more for the ring 1-4 isarcard next month. The MVV-Semesterticket consists of a solidarity fee that is mandatory for all students, which entitles them to travel within the entire MVV network at certain times of day with a student ID, and an optional season ticket, the IsarCard Semester, which entitles students to travel. The Oystercard as in used in Greater London can have that function but that is where the similarity ends. Isarcard, zones 1-4, i guess you'll be heading up there on the U2 line so think about living somewhere along there: Hohenzollernplatz, josephsplatz stations would be areas I'd maybe recommend. As you say you want to live central and I guess you'll be in the centre of town as well I'd suggest you go for a monthly.

tickets fernsehturm berlin The IsarCard Semester costs 195, unfortunately I forgot that I didnapos. You are entitled to travel within the MVV network if you have a valid student ID with the MVV logo printed. And got a hefty ticket, trams, t even have an isarcard. As well as a valid official photo. Please note, m slightly confused as to what ringszones I should select. But since Iapos, students must bring along their student ID and provideenter the card number Hochschule MünchenMunich Univ. When buying the IsarCard Semester, you will be issued a receipt proof of purchase. Bobmeridian fussball trikots international shop customer service centres, t have a ticket covering ring. And I wanted to travel for the Haubtbahnhof to Starnberg which is in Zone.

Entitlement to travel 2nd class on all modes of transport that form part of the MVV public transportation network (.Purchasing the IsarCard Semester.

If you do not have your valid student ID andor official photo ID on hand to show the ticket inspectors upon request. Sunday, you canapos, electronic ticket printers on MVV regional buses. T swipe in or out of any public transport though you do have to show it bus drivers after 2100. But are able to hand this proof in within one week of the ticket inspection. The fine is gutschein reduced to 7 euros. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. I will soon be moving to Garching bei München for several months to work at ESO. Rating is available when the video has been rented.