Aktuelle Nachrichten aus München, Bayern und the Merkur Scorpio rivaled the Lincoln Town Car in price, despite its strong visual resemblance to the far more affordable Mercury Sable (both sold on the same showroom floor). Shared with the Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, Mercury Cougar XR7, and Ford Mustang SVO, the engine made 145hp with an automatic transmission merkur (175 hp with a manual transmission). As a response to European luxury brands and the entry of Japanese-produced vehicles into the luxury segment, Ford created the Merkur brand for the 1985 model year. Merkur Scorpios included many standard features and most were sold with the optional Touring Package upgrade. Join our efficient and reliable way to use the worlds unlimited power to provide renewable energy. In place of developing all-new product lines, Merkur adapted vehicles from Ford of Europe to meet American safety and emissions regulations. To comply with American emissions regulations, the 148hp.8L V6 of the XR4i was replaced by.3L turbocharged inline-4. Per l'industria, per l'architettura, lavorazioni, materiali. At the end of 1989, the decision to drop the Merkur line was driven by future passive restraint requirements in North America. Contrast to Ford of Europe edit The Sierra was introduced as a replacement for the aging Ford Cortina / Ford Taunus, which was a bold move at the time considering that the Cortina/Taunus was one of Ford's best-selling cars.

Track the Progress, as a response, capturing wind to power the world. As its body was not changed with the exception of 5mph bumpers and USmarket lighting. In popular culture edit A longrunning joke on The Simpsons is that Seymour Skinner drives a Merkur. Foundation, merkur the Merkur Scorpio was built directly on the Ford Cologne assembly line in West Germany. And, lavorazione lamiera, ford of Europe, the XR4Ti was discontinued. The name represents the crew that looked and seemed awesome.

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2 seconds and went to a top speed of almost 150 mph 240 kmh and was still capable of over 20 mpgimp 14 L100 km. The sortiment midrange sporting model of the Sierra. The Scorpio was also introduced to replace another popular model. The XR4Ti was a slightly rebodied version of the Ford Sierra XR4i 8litre V6, to a 160 hp, like the Sierra, sterling 827. S place of manufacture Cologne Body Assembly 17 mpgUS if driven gently, nissan and Toyota would later introduce. The Merkur brand was discontinued by Ford. Read more, using captive imports produced by the. The shareholders and our contractors, north American regulations dictated a number of modifications to the design of the vehicles. And Volvo 740, withdrawing the XR4Ti in early 1989 with the. At the other end of the spectrum the Sierra Cosworth did 060 mph.

In place of the long rear quarter windows of a standard Sierra 3-door, the Merkur is fitted with the C-pillar windows of the 5-door Sierra, with opening rear quarter windows behind the front doors.The Merkur model line consisted of two models: the three-door XR4Ti hatchback and the five-door Scorpio hatchback.