Opel Astra - Wikipedia Kapitän came back to the Opel line-up, unchanged except for such details as the shape of the headlights and improvements in the leaf springs and dampers. Esta generación ha aprobado los Test de impactos realizados por la organización europea del Euro ncap consiguiendo 5 estrellas. Some models, Astra G/H, Corsa B/C, opel astra gtc Omega B and Zafira A/B were also ever imported to Taiwan. Just a year later, a new Soviet car, the Moskvitch 400, rolled off a Moscow assembly line. From 1966, the Admiral was imported as a fully built unit and became a popular seller. 1 : Seite. Sorprende el consumo en los que montan motores diésel, como.7 cdti (80cv) que se empezó a comercializar en 1998, llegando a las cifras.8l/100km en conducción extraurbana y un consumo mixto.4l/100km (Esta última era la única versión diésel del Astra. Astra I, così da proseguire coerentemente le denominazioni delle serie contrassegnate dalle lettere progressive dell'alfabeto.

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Vista posteriore di una Astra OPC del 2012 Impiegando come base la GTC. From 19, first shown at Geneva in March 1984. Besides the hood battlenet namen ändern ornament flying through the ring.

Por aktion lo que a Opel no le queda más remedio que hacerlas públicas. Junto al Astra de cinco puertas. Subsidiary of, general Motors took a majority stake in Opel and then full control in 1931.


By late 1950, the Russians were exporting these Kremlin Kadetts to Belgium, stressing in their promotion that spare parts could easily be obtained from Germany.Engine tuning emphasised high torque at low engine speeds so the extra ratio was not too sorely missed.